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Given the number of times I have been asked how about generating UPC/EAN barcodes from ISBN numbers, I thought I would simplify the issue (and have a play with Javascript) by putting it all on a page.

To use this, you will need to have 'javascript' enabled on your browser. This has been tested with Firefox 2.0 and IE 6.0 (and above)

Enter the ISBN number (MAY include dashes or spaces) and hit the Generate Barcode button.

If all goes well, a window will pop up with the correct EAN representation of the ISBN and a generated barcode.

You can then use Print-Screen (or equivalent) to paste this into a document for printing.

New update: You can now enter a 12 or 13 digit value. A 10 digit ISBN will have 978 prepended, and the check digit recalculated. A 12 digit barcode will have a check-digit added, and a 13 digit barcode will have the check digit checked. This means you can now use this page to produce not only 13 digit ISBN, but any 13 digit EAN barcode you like.
Position of dashes in the output number is now entirely under your control.

If you find this useful, please drop me a note at:

Enter ISBN Number: (10,12 or 13 digits)
Large Barcode

Last updated 1-Dec-2008