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For the week commencing:  02 Apr 2001

This is a list of the episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer shown so far per state, a list of the episode names, and a numbering system.  This is intended as a resource to make it easier to avoid spoilers.

ie: In your header you can put:

Spoilers for Ep 3.9
My Comments about "The Wish" (Spoilers)
  or variations on that theme.

This week (02/04/2001) the episodes of Buffy shown should be:

          5.8     Tuesday 10:30pm
          A2.8    Wednesday 10:30pm

Tas:         <--- Spoiler Cutoff Episodes
          5.8     Friday 10:00pm
          A2.8    Friday 11:00pm

Fox8      3.17    Monday   7:30pm (& 1:45am)
          3.15    Saturday  1:00pm
          3.16    Sunday    1:00pm

As always, if there is anything  incorrect or out of date, please let me know.

Also note that it is not uncommon for Prime to be running as much as 15 minutes late, so leave plenty of leeway when setting up your VCR.

I'm sorry this hasn't been updated for a while ... my server stopped carrying for no adequately explained reason.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of this information. I have no special sources, I merely collate what other people send me.

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Season One
1.1 Welcome to the Hellmouth
1.2 The Harvest
1.3 The Witch
1.4 Teacher's Pet
1.5 Never Kill a Boy on a First Date
1.6 The Pack
1.7 Angel
1.8 I Robot,You Jane
1.9 The Puppet Show
1.10 Nightmares
1.11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight (Invisible Girl)
1.12 Prophecy Girl

Season Two
2.1 When She Was Bad
2.2 Some Assembly Required
2.3 School Hard
2.4 Inca Mummy Girl
2.5 Reptile Boy
2.6 Halloween
2.7 Lie To Me
2.8 The Dark Age
2.9 What's My Line part 1
2.10 What's My Line part 2
2.11 Ted
2.12 Bad Eggs
2.13 Surprise
2.14 Innocence
2.15 Phases
2.16 Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
2.17 Passion
2.18 Killed By Death
2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You
2.20 Go Fish
2.21 Becoming part 1
2.22 Becoming part 2

Season 3
(This one has official episode numbers, got from the official Buffy
3.1 "Anne" - Episode: 3ABB01
3.2 "Dead Man's Party" - Episode: 3ABB02
3.3 "Faith, Hope & Trick" -Episode: 3ABB03
3.4 "Beauty and the Beasts" -Episode: 3ABB04
3.5 "Homecoming" -Episode: 3ABB05
3.6 "Band Candy" -Episode: 3ABB06
3.7 "Revelations" -Episode: 3ABB07
3.8 "Lovers Walk" -Episode: 3ABB08
3.9 "The Wish" - Episode: 3ABB09
3.10 "Amends" -Episode: 3ABB10
3.11 "Gingerbread" -Episode: 3ABB11
3.12 "Helpless" -Episode: 3ABB12
3.13 "The Zeppo" -Episode: 3ABB13
3.14 "Bad Girls" -Episode: 3ABB14
3.15 "Consequences" -Episode: 3ABB15
3.16 "Doppelgängland" -Episode: 3ABB16
3.17 "Enemies" -Episode: 3ABB17
3.18 "Earshot"
3.19 "Choices" -Episode: 3ABB19
3.20 "The Prom" -Episode: 3ABB20
3.21 "Graduation Day, Part 1" - Episode: 3ABB21
3.22 "Graduation Day, Part 2" - Episode: 3ABB22

Season 4
Commenced in the US on 05-Oct-1999.
Commenced in Australia 14/15 Feb 2000

4.1 "The Freshman" - Episode: P4ABB01
4.2 "Living Conditions" - Episode: P4ABB02
4.3 "The Harsh Light of Day" - Episode: P4ABB03
4.4 "Fear, Itself" - Episode: P4ABB04
4.5 "Beer Bad" - Episode:  P4ABB05.
4.6 "Wild at Heart" - Episode P4ABB06
4.7 "The Initiative" - Episode P4ABB07
4.8 "Pangs" - Episode P4ABB08
4.9 "Something Blue" - Episode P4ABB09
4.10 "Hush" - Episode P4ABB10
4.11 "Doomed" - Episode P4ABB11
4.12 "A New Man" - Episode P4ABB12
4.13 "The I in Team" - Episode P4ABB13
4.14 "Goodbye Iowa" - Episode P4ABB14
4.15 "This Year's Girl" - Episode P4ABB15
4.16 "Who Are You" - Episode P4ABB16
4.17 "Superstar" - Episode P4ABB17
4.18 "Where the Wild Things Are" - Episode P4ABB18
4.19 "New Moon Rising" - Episode: P4ABB19
4.20 "The Yoko Factor" - Episode: P4ABB20
4.21 "Primeval" - Episode: P4ABB21
4.22 "Restless" - Episode: P4ABB22

Season 5
Commenced in US: 26 Sep 2000
Commenced in Australia 13 Feb 2001

5.1   "Buffy vs Dracula" - Episode  5ABB01
5.2   "Real Me" - Episode  5ABB02
5.3   "The Replacement" - Episode  5ABB03
5.4   "Out of My Mind" - Episode  5ABB04
5.5   "No Place Like Home" - Episode  5ABB05
5.6   "Family" - Episode  5ABB06
5.7   "Fool for Love" - Episode  5ABB07
5.8   "Shadow" - Episode  5ABB08
5.9   "Listening to Fear" - Episode  5ABB09
5.10 "Into the Woods" - Episode  5ABB10
5.11 "Triangle" - Episode  5ABB11
5.12 "Checkpoint" - Episode  5ABB12
5.13 "Blood Ties" - Episode  5ABB13
5.14 "Crush" - Episode  5ABB14
5.15 "I Was Made to Love You" - Episode  5ABB15
5.16 "The Body" (Unconfirmed) - Episode  5ABB16

Angel Season 1
Angel (a Buffy spinoff) commenced in the US on 05-Oct-1999
Comenced Australia 15/16 Feb 2000

A1.1  City Of
A1.2  Lonely Hearts
A1.3  In the Dark
A1.4  I Fall to Pieces
A1.5  Rm W/ A Vu
A1.6  Sense and Sensitivity
A1.7  The Bachelor Party
A1.8  I Will Remember You
A1.9  Hero
A1.10 Parting Gift
A1.11 Somnambulist
A1.12 Expecting
A1.13 She
A1.14 I've Got You Under My Skin
A1.15 The Prodigal
A1.16 The Ring
A1.17 Eternity
A1.18 Five by Five
A1.19 Sanctuary
A1.20 War Zone
A1.21 Blind Date
A1.22 To Shansu in L.A.

Angel Season 2
Commenced (US): 26 Sep 2000
Commenced in Australia 14 Feb 2001
A2.1   Judgement
A2.2   Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
A2.3   First Impressions
A2.4   Untouched
A2.5   Dear Boy
A2.6   Guise Will Be Guise
A2.7   Darla
A2.8   The Shroud of Rahmon
A2.9   The Trial
A2.10 Reunion
A2.11 Blood Money
A2.12 Happy Anniversary
A2.13 The Thin Dead Line

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