Bridgecrew Example of Play

May we introduce the crew:

James T Jerk Captain

Scumb Beam Weapons Officer

Morton James The Third (MJTT) Science , Missile and Security

Buster Mouse Helm and Computer

Tonk the Cricketer Damage Control, Engineering, Shields, Strategy and Communications

The crew have just noticed a Xingon starship nearby: The text in brackets and italics is the actual command the crewman typed at his/her PC console. Not shown are the computer responses (Eg the command SCAN GEN KR would produce a report on the general status of KR giving speed and shield details) Also not in this example is the possibility of communicating with the ship which you would tend to do in a roleplay situation before attacking.

Captain: What's that blob labelled 'KR'?

Buster: Some kind of starship.

Captain: What's sort of starship is 'KR'?

MJTT: Just a moment I'll scan it. (SCAN GEN KR)

Tonk (DETAIL KR) Its a Xingon cruiser, it's probably hostile.

Captain How powerful is it?

MJTT It doesn't scan well, we don't get much info, but it definitely has quite a few beam weapons.

Scumb I'm charged and ready, but I won't lock - I don't want to seem hostile.

Captain If it's in our space, it's in violation of the treaty.

Scumb Yep! Let's burn it!

MJTT (REPORT MISSILES) Don't forget, we only have 12 photon torpedoes left - we're not exactly fully combat capable.

Captain Condition Red.


Tonk (Whilst furiously typing) I'll just put a few Damage control parties in sensible spots. (ASSIGN DC 5 MISS)(ASSIGN DC 4 WARP)

Scumb Make sure there's heaps to fix the phasers.

Buster Where did the second one come from?

Captain The second what? ... Oh, I see 'KJ'. What is it?

Tonk (DETAIL KJ) Its a Xingon cruiser definitely an HC10 class. I recommend we run away.

Captain We don't run away, we retreat.

Tonk Let's retreat then.

Scumb Can we burn them a bit first ?

Captain Speed 10

Buster (SPEED 10) Okay.

MJTT They're heading our way.

Tonk Let's scram.

Captain Speed 75 set course for starbase S8

Buster (SPEED 75) (THINGS S8) (COURSE 723) Okay.

Buster The engines are getting a bit hot!

Captain Speed 60

Buster (SPEED 60) Okay.

Tonk Whew!

... Time passes .. the crew discuss the previous mission.

Buster (THINGS KR) I have bad news. They are following us and KR is gaining !!

Scumb Don't be silly, Xingons can't maintain speeds in excess of 60.

Buster That one is !

Captain we will have to give battle .. speed 40 course 900. Set shields to 50% charge.

Tonk (SHIELD ALL 50).

Buster (SPEED 40) (COURSE 900) Okay.

Captain Lock weapons to 'KR'. Open fire at 1500.

Scumb (BLOCK KR FP LP RP) Locked and ready.

MJTT (MLOCK KR PT1 PT2) Photon torpedoes ready. Get me a good firing position, we don't have any to waste!!

... At this stage things start to get a little frantic..

... The screen blanks out for 2 seconds as KR hits them with beam weapons...

Captain Course 1800, speed 50

Buster (SPEED 50) (COURSE 1800).



MJTT Missile hits.

MJTT (SCAN GEN KR) They don't seem to have taken much damage.

Captain Keep Firing.

.. screen blanks for 2 seconds ...

Buster (REPORT SHIELD) Right shield at 30%.

Captain Course 3150, speed 40. That will bring our left shield round.

Buster (SPEED 40) (COURSE 3150) Okay.

Tonk (SHIELD RIGHT 100).

Captain Full charge on right shield.

Tonk I already did that.

Scumb Take that, you Xingon pig!

.. screen blanks for 2 seconds ...

Buster (REPORT FUNCTIONS) Right shield 0% .. sensor 1 damaged, hull damaged.

MJTT Missile hits!

MJTT Their left shield is down.

Captain Fire torpedoes.

MJTT (SCAN GEN KR) They have stopped moving.

Captain Fire torpedoes


Scumb (BFIRE LP) (BFIRE LP) I can't hit them, they are out of firing arc.

MJTT (MFIRE PT1 PT2) Missiles away.

MJTT If they're not moving, we may have damaged their engines.

Scumb Close in and kill.

... the screen blanks out as they take more hits from the now stationery starship ...

Captain speed 80, set course for S8.

Buster (SPEED 80) (COURSE 723) Okay.

.. time passes ..

Tonk (REPORT ENGINES) We can't maintain 80 forever.

Captain Speed 60.

Buster (SPEED 80) (COURSE 723) Okay.

... Time passes. It is apparent that they are not being pursued ...

... Tonk organises the repair of the sensors and hull ...

Scumb You ran away just when we had him.

MJTT (REPORT MISSILES) We only have 4 photon torpedoes left.

Scumb He may have only needed one hit.

Captain You can reload at S8.

Tonk After the last mission, I'm just happy to come out alive.

MJTT Better tell Starfleet that the Xingons have a new fast cruiser with flimsy engines.

Captain Call for reinforcements. We can't let them get away with this violation of the treaty.

..... the story continues......

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