The Unoriginal comic - Wayne's sprite comic. Go check it out.

Or Something?  Makoknight's, My brother, sprite comic.

RPGWorld - A really cool comic. If you're smart, you'll read it!

Robbie's Home Page - This is my dad's page. He asked me to link it. I thought I might as well, since he helped me set up the page.

Andromeda Spaceways - No, it's not a site about the series, "Andromeda", It's a Sci-fi magazine my dad is editor-in-chief. Go! Subscribe! The more people I get to the subscribe, the more icecream I get! n_n

Death_and_Dragon  - Really cool Gundam Wing site, run by a friend's wife and her friend. WARNING: Yaoi/Lemon content. If you're offened, don't go there.  But, if you're not, and like GW, go there.

These are all the links I have at the moment. I'll add more soon!

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