Valve Radio

And Now Presenting: Murder!!!

By Robbie Matthews (Home)
A Blue Room Gamers Production

Systemless Pulp Action

Winner: Best New Designer, Phenomenon 2003*

It’s 1939, and WBC is the number three radio station in Boston, but you are on the way up. The owner has just spent a fortune upgrading the station facilities, and tonight WBC starts broadcasting live to the entire East Coast.
Tonight’s program will consist of the popular ongoing adventure series, "The Scarlet Wing", dance music from Ramon Tortellini and his Big Band, News, and an appearance from George and Gracie White – America’s top comedy team.

What could go wrong?

Well, apart from equipment failures, a temperamental sponsor, rampant food poisoning, spot fires, your boss panicking, mysterious smells coming from the plumbing, the guest stars running late and a restive studio audience, all is going well until the first body is discovered.

Never-the-less, the show MUST go on…

An adventure for 4-6 players ready to make broadcasting history.

This was run at Phenomenon 2003 (June 6-9, Daramalan College, Canberra)
It was an utter hoot to run, and all teams that played rose magnificently to the central challenge: which was to improv a 10 minute episode of a radio serial ... while all hell is breaking loose around them!

As promised, here are the (very low quality) recordings of The Scarlet Wing!!

Session 2 (MP3 1.8Mb)
Session 5 (MP3 1.2Mb)
Session 8 (MP3 2.2Mb)

* ... up against two other designers who probably deserved it more, but I'll take what I can get...