Robbie's Noteworthy Music Page

Here are some music files containing songs that some choral arrangements.
I find Noteworthy a brilliant way to learn my part. (I'm a Tenor, by the way.)
(You can find a player at: Noteworthy Composer Home Page)
Bread and Roses Words: James Oppenheim Music: Mimi Farina Arr: Tom Bridges
One striker carried a sign that read:
We Want Bread and We Want Roses Too
The words became and emblem for the strike at the mills in Lawrence Massachusetts in January 1912. The law had shortened the work week to 54 hours for women and children, and the pay was cut too. 22,000 went on strike.
Private Eyes Nat Trimarchi (arr C.Shaw)
A rather nice piece, having a go at the privatization of Telstra.
Four Strong Women Maurie Mulharen
Bring Out the Banners J.Warner, J.Goss (arr C.Shaw) 
 I'll Be There (unknown) A rousing Gospel style Union song. This has only got the Solo and Tenor bits at present.
 The Internationale Music: Pierre Degeyter Words: orig: Eugene Pottie
Who could go past the Internationale? This is a straightforward 2 part version, with the more or less original English words.
 Over the Hills and Far Away This is a traditional tune. The words for this version are the ones used in 'Sharpe'
As I Roved Out Another Trad tune. This is my own arrangement.

Last Updated 06-Feb-2018