Bridge Crew

A Computer assisted co-operative role-playing starship simulator.

What is it?

Like a role-play game, BRIDGE CREW is played with a game master who designs a scenario for the players and may get actively involved during the playing of the scenario. The players roll up characters just like a normal role-play game.

The players play the part of the crew of a starship. Each player is a bridge officer in a universe created by the GM. The typical players are Captain, Beam Weapon officer, Helm Officer, Missile Weapon officer, Communications officer, Security officer, Computer officer, Damage control officer, and others. Obviously most players have more than one function, so things can get quite hectic for the players.

A main PC screen which all players can see, reflects the starship's tactical display.

How is it played?

Each player has a computer terminal with which he/she can pull up various reports about the state of the ship and the state of the universe. He/she can also enter commands that relate to the player's assigned functions (e.g. the helm officer can set course and speed).

Like the bridge of a modern warship, the captain gives orders and expects the crew to either obey or make sensible alternative suggestions. The crew is expected to run the relevant parts of the ship without specific orders.

How can it be used?

It can be played as a role-play game in its own right.

It can also be used to assist GM's when arbitrating starship combat in games like Traveller [1], GURPS [2] Space, and Star Trek [3]The Role Playing Game .

While not specifically designed as such, it is an interesting exercise for those 'pure' war-gamers who have a strategic view of the world, as an alternative to games like Starfleet Battles [4].

When will it be available?

The software has been available since 1996, and is continually undergoing improvements and enhancements (2001)

What does it cost ?

The basic software costs US$25.

It includes:

Software manual for players which are supplied in Word for windows .DOC format and must be printed out by the players. These manuals describe the 100 commands available to players. Extra manual describing the 70 extra commands available to GM's

(This information may be out of date.  Check the  Official Bridge Crew Registration Page for the latest info.)

A universe based on the Federated Independent Planets (a Nato like alliance).

This universe includes:

If the GM wants to design new ships or redesign the universe they can.

What support is available ?

Check out the FAQ and Troubleshooting guides at  Bridgecrew Home Page

For people without a phone, questions will be answered in writing if accompanied by a self addressed envelope.

What do you need to play ?

There are a great many configurations that Bridgecrew can be played in.  The simplest layout is a small LAN, with 3-6 terminals attached.  You can also run VT100 compatible terminals of the serial ports of any of the terminals.

Again, see the the  Mithril Software Homepage for the latest details.

Bridge Crew software At least 3 players and a GM (We recommend a 4 to 6 players and a GM)

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