Buffy Ep 3.20 "The Prom"

A real tearjerker of an episode. In many ways, more so than 'Becoming 2'.

I'm not going to give my normal long winded synopsis, I will merely jump straight to the plot points.

Cordelia's father has lost the lot.
"He just made a tiny mistake in his tax return. For the last 12 years...."
Cordelia is working part time in a dress shop to pay for her dress. She can't afford to go to University, even though she's been accepted in several. (Someone pays for the dress. I'm assuming Xander. He also passed up his chance to tell everyone that Cordelia had gone down in the world. There's still something between them. Will it go anywhere? Who can tell?)

Anya asks Xander to the dance. Odd, but interesting. I really thought she was only going to appear for one episode, but she seems to be turning into a recurring character. Best line in that sequence: "Cordelia! Wesley! How are you? Tell me about what you've been doing. In detail. Please." (Anya has a rather jaded view of the male of the species, and can natter on for hours on ways she's disposed of them over the ages...)

Of course, the major plot point has to be Angel deciding to leave Buffy. After Graduation day... assuming they survive... he's heading off. He really can't see a future for Buffy with him. He's not the only one.  He's obviously been thinking about what the Mayor said last episode. (I wondered if he was...)

The line he DIDN'T say, but should have:  "But where will you go?" "Well, I've got my own spinoff series to go to..." Seriously, heartwrenching stuff. (Dea went through several boxes of tissues...)

Almost as a side issue, there are some Hell Hounds running around, trained to kill everyone at the Prom. Did I mention the Prom was on? It is, and much of the episode is based around either preparations for it, or preventing it from being eaten... Buffy's dreams of going to the Prom with Angel are crushed, but she's determined that her friends are going to enjoy themselves.
Buffy: "And you guys are going to have a proper Prom. Even if I have to kill everybody in the world."
Xander: "Yay?"

She tracks down the HellHounds without a great deal of effort, and stops them just before they get into the Prom. She then gets her dress out of her slaying bag, gets dressed, and goes inside. To her extreme suprise, she is given an award: Protector of the Class! Best line of the ep:
"And thanks to Buffy Summers, the 1999 senior class at Sunnydale High has had the lowest mortality rate ever!"
Hmm. Implies that the citizens of Sunnydale aren't quite as clueless as they sometimes act....

And Angel shows up in a tux, and has the last dance with Buffy. *sniffle* *sob*

Wesley and Cordelia's relationship seem to be blossoming.

How long are we going the have two Watchers for Buffy, though? In spite of his official position, Wesley now pretty much seems to accept that Giles is in charge. How long is this situation going to hold? Sooner or later, there's going to have to be a shakeup in the Watchers Council.  (I'm predicting sometime Season 4...)

All in all, a good episode. Some important plot points advanced, some humour, (some sadness) I suspect it's the lull before the storm.

Robbie rating: 9.7
Stephanie Rating: OK for kids. (Dream sequence of Buffy going up in flames might be a *tad* disturbing)

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