Robbie's Free Mobile Applications

The following applications are available for free download and use on Java enabled mobile devices.
The following are written in Java for MIDP 1.0 or 2.0, and has deliberately been kept as simple as possible, so it should run on ANY Java-enabled phone or PDA.

RobRobroller - a nWOD Dice Roller (MIDP 1.0)
- a lightweight Twitter viewer. (MIDP 2.0)


If your phone has GPRS or WAP or anything similar (ie, if you can browse web pages on your phone) you should be able to download these applications directly to your phone by going to the following link:
When downloading, it will probably complain about issuer unknown ... just say Accept,  because I'm too cheap to pay for a java certificate.

Alternatively, you can download the code in a zip file, and use a USB cable or IR link to install the application onto your phone or PDA The exact details vary from widely model to model, so you'll have to read the manufacturers instructions.
I'm attempting to include the source code... if you decided to fiddle with it, feel free. It would be nice if I was included in the credits.

There is also this version for Palm Midp1.0 (requires JavaHQ, downloadable from Palm with a bit of effort)

If you find this useful (or have any other pertinent comments) please let me know.

RobRoller V1.8 (2-Oct-2006)

Robroller is a simple nWod (White Wolf's new World of Darkness) dice roller. 
OTA link:
download to your computer. (Zip file... contains JAR, JAD and Source code as well)
You can also download this version for Palm PDA (needs to have JavaHQ, which can be downloaded from Palm with some effort)

Screenshot Menu screenshot
Settings Screenshot
Hero Results
To use:
Set Pool to your dicepool ... if left at 0, it will roll Chance Dice.
Hit Roll to roll dice/draw cards. It will handle Redraws etc correctly.

Settings: You can select your reroll level (some Werewolf abilities allow you to reroll on 8s or 9s, for example)
You can choose:
MET (Mind's Eye Theater,  the live-roleplay version of nWod, with extra successes for every 5 points over)
Mage (Still Mind's Eye Theater, but with successes for every 3 points over)
Dice (The tabletop version of nWod, using multiple D10s)
Hero (Hero System: shows results for N: Body and Stun, and K: Body and Stun. The N: Body is the same as a stat roll)

Java on Palm

For older models (OS3.51 and up) you can download midp4palm . This used to be on the Sun website, but appears to have moved, so I've put a copy here. This is only a very basic implementation, and it tends to fall over when you use it the first time, but if you just reset and carry on, it seems good from there. This requires your jar/jad files to be converted to a .prc, but the converter is supplied . In any case, I've supplied a prc version of Robroller here.

Later models can use Websphere, which can be downloaded here. This is free if you have the right model, otherwise you can still use midp4palm. Websphere does not need a prc version, just use the jad/jar files to install.


A lightweight, minimalist Twitter Reader/Writer.

OTA link:
The source code is here, for those that are interested.

That is for for the time being.