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Johnny Phillips, Werewolf Detective

The Collected Case Files

by Robbie Matthews

Shortlisted for the Aurealis Awards

"The name's Phillips. My friends call me Johnny. I'm a private detective.
And I'm a werewolf. Deal with it."

If it wasn't for demons, zombies, dragons, vampires, sorcerers, lawyers, and other creatures of the night, Johnny might be able to get on with his job. And maybe even pay the rent.

Fat chance.

The collected case files of Johnny Phillips, Werewolf detective, will have you peering down alleyways in downtown Sydney, waiting for a glimpse of that plummeting body, talking fairy or friendly neighbourhood zombie.

Johnny didn't get out of bed intending to save the world... but he might just do it anyway.

Price: AU$15.00 Australia only, postage included.
For Overseas postage, and all other enquires, please contact:
Donna Hanson

Johnny Werewolf

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