Robbie's Awards Page


Well, weirdly enough, I've started collecting various awards.

Aurealis Award
The Peter MacNamara Convenors Award 2002, Publisher and Editor.
This is part of the Aurealis awards, and as such I am very proud of it. I wouldn't have got it without the work of many other people, both at CSFG and Andromeda Spaceways.

Best New Designer, Phenomenon 2003 - For my games module "And Now Presenting: Murder!" which was a hoot to write and run. My daughter, Stephanie (13 at the time of writing) helped design and run the game, and now has con fever bad. Poor kid!
While in the past I have run other people's games and assisted with design, this is the first time I have designed and run my own module entirely from scratch. This could get addictive....
Pheno 2003 Awards
Actually, I had a very good run at Phenomenon that year (2003).

Pheno 2002 awards (and previous)
And, while I'm at it (and having a good play with my scanner at the same time) ... a bunch of awards from previous Phenomenons:
  • Tomb of Solomon - Best Player 2002
  • Living QuestTM - Best Player 2002
  • Baron Munchausen - GM's Choice 2002
  • What Happened to Mr Hong? - GM's Choice 1997
  • Flaws in the System - Best Gremlins 1996