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Things I am interested in:

Mobile Applications

I sometimes get enthusiastic and write applications for mobile phones.


The acting bug has got to me again. I'm now webmaster for the  Canberra based Rude Mechanicals, where I played Harry Secombe in Ying Tong: a walk with the Goons, which was performed 17 August - 2 September 2006. We went down well. There were good reviews, and we even got "Best Actor" at the CAT awards. Since then, I have appeared in Pinter's "The Birthday Party",  Moliere's "The Forced Marriage", did a monologue for V-Day,  a duolog for "Damned if you Duo 4", and got my best ever reviews for my part in The Role Model (in which I did not speak!)


I've been doing some writing of late, as well.  I've even got some stuff published.
Including my book! Johnny Phillips, Werewolf Detective! Buy it, you know you want to....
For a list of my published material (and some stuff which is coming up),  Click Here
I'm heavily involved with CSfG (Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild), a local writers group dedicated to the promotion of Speculative Fiction both locally and Australia-wide.  Click here for details.

And a new and improved Barcode Generator for ISBNs


As a direct result of my writing experiences, I've somehow segued into editing and publishing. I am proud to be the Editor-in-Chief (when the let me) of The Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. What is more, I have even managed to win some awards.


Once in a while, I get keen, and do some Filking - (parody folk-songs is probably the simplest explanation.
You can find the results Here

Bridge Crew

Bridge Crew is a rather cool multi-player game put together by Mithril Software
You may have seen it being played at various gaming conventions over the years.
Here's a link to the  Official Bridge Crew Site
And here is some more stuff:
 Some General Bridge Crew Info
 An Example of Play

Honor Harrington

The creation of author David Weber, Honor Harrington has been described (with some justice) as "Hornblower in Space". A larger than life Heroine, massive space battles and believable descriptions of space combat.
For a recent convention, I put together all the details on the Uniforms used by the Royal Manticoran Navy.
Here are my results.

Babylon 5 

The best SF on TV to date. Unfortunately, it has finished its planned five year run. However, its tight plotting and strong characterization are probably the best possible example of how do Science Fiction on TV.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If Babylon 5 is the best hard SF, then Buffy has to be the best Horror/Comedy/fantasy (etc) in recent times..
I did some Reviews/Long Winded Synopses


Lemon Juice    Lemon Juice

My daughter writes this. Worth a look.

Or SomethingMako

And this one is written by my son. Talented family, or what?

Noteworthy logoI heartily recommend Noteworthy Composer for creating music, for printing music, and for learning your part. Check it out.
I've also included some Noteworthy Files containing some of the choral arrangements we sung.
My Noteworthy Files Page Click Here if interested.

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